A digital learning solution provider with industry and market experience that goes back to 1998. Headquartered in Lebanon with operations in the Middle East region, our staff have been committed to developing and implementing innovative web-based learning solutions targeting corporate, government, educational institutes and individuals. We are committed to forming partnerships that empower forward-thinking organizations with the ability to effectively educate their employees, students, or clients.
Our Solutions integrate smart technologies with latest content and high-end professional services to deliver custom solutions and guarantee success.


Driven largely by Digital Transformation, today every Organization is going through tremendous changes. Such Transformation is not about technology, it is about Strategy, Leadership and new ways of thinking, hence it is about people.

Our Solutions are customized Targeting


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“We Understand the Value of Lifelong Learning. At CrossKnowledge, your challenge is our mission!”

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A digital English platform for global teams with an adaptive learning platform and high-quality online teachers

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Our Products
We aim to deliver high impact digital and learning experiences by understanding your needs and integrating Technology, Content and Services to meet business objectives.
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A multi-entity platform with a learning experience interface designed
with the end in mind and addressing the most in demand and critical
corporate learning needs; a portal where learners can acquire and
develop the skills they need to succeed.
Skills4Success is about Delivering the Right Skills, in the right format, for the right learner.
Wherever you are in the digital learning journey, whether you have an LMS or not, we partner with you to first identify your specific needs, challenges and objectives and then design and implement a complete customized end-to-end solution that meets your goals and that easily integrates into your existing content and technology platform if any, a solution that guarantee success, increase in efficiency, productivity and return on investment.

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School Management System

Madrasatie is a full-fledged school management system that is a cost effective, flexible, easy to use and scalable web-based solution. The solution can be customized to fit all your school’s needs. Our system is also accessible through a default, multi-lingual, and multi-user mobile application with a user-friendly design to benefit all user profiles.

Robotics & Coding

Become Changemakers…
Our solution comprises of a set of hardware toys (Cubelets), teacher lessons, student workbooks, and is provided with training sessions to teachers to help builders of any age explore robotics, coding, and more.
Our education consultants also help in mapping such skills to a school’s curriculum.

English Language

We provide a flexible online solution that works as well for your school as it does for your students; we provide a digital solution to optimize your curriculum offerings with authentic content while preparing students for the IELTS or TOEFL exams. Dedicated to transform education, Voxy is a web-based English eLearning solution providing institutions with an adaptive, dynamic curriculum and personalized instruction.

Knowledge Portal

Teachers are always overwhelmed with their exam corrections, preparing the lessons plans to give the best education to students… yet, they do not have the time to develop themselves.
Teachers4Success portal is a dynamic learning portal designed to help existing and new teachers explore and learn about different topics that are beneficial to them in their daily teaching activities helping them develop and enhance their skills.

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Benefits of Madrasatie Online

  • One click absence registration with immediate notifications to parents to ensure student’s safety
  • Constructive daily-based feedback shared with parents to enhance student’s performance, self-awareness and enthusiasm for learning
  • Organized online agenda to ensure students are not overloaded with homework
  • Smart grading module with zero-calculation required from teachers to save time and error
  • Collaborative modules to increase parents’ engagement
Calendar Events
Accounting Vouchers

“When IQUAD Learning Solutions approached us about engaging in a partnership for establishing a new learning technology, I was intrigued yet concerned about my readiness to adequately intercept such initiative. At the time, the idea of managing the project was unthinkable —as being someone whose knowledge of technology is limited. Today, the outstanding contribution, continuous support, and most of all, IQUAD Team’s genuine care, allowed for smooth implementation of such initiative accompanied by a successful outcome. The commitment and collaborative efforts of IQUAD Team were overwhelming and allowed for this new learning culture to make an impact that drew interest from not only the bank staff but also the bank’s senior management. We are very proud to be engaged in this partnership and working with professionals like yourself. We are looking forward to another successful year, hoping that it will prove to be mutually beneficial for both our institutions, Bank of Beirut and IQUAD.”

Jeanne Aoun Hajjar
Bank of Beirut

Head of Retail Training

“We’ve been working with IQUAD for more than 4 years now. With each new project, we’ve been impressed with their efforts and innovative ideas in implementing the solution and meeting our objectives. IQUAD provides Credit Libanais with a good solution at good value. IQUAD’s methodology was structured and comprehensive ensuring that all appropriate elements required for a successful e-learning implementation were considered and effectively executed. At the same time, IQUAD’s approach was flexible enough to take into account the specific characteristics of our business so that activities could be adjusted where needed. IQUAD Team with their knowledge and experience have been very helpful as they guided us throughout our solution initiation and implementation. We are pleased and impressed with both the methodology and people we are dealing with.”

Bassam Nammour
Credit Libanais

Training & Development Manager

 “LibanPost has been benefiting from IQUAD’s services since April 2013.  It was decided as a start to circulate, on a weekly basis, a selection of short video topics (around 2 minutes) concerning various business/management issues.
This allowed us to initiate a learning dynamics among key people, and to encourage best practice as described by knowledgeable scholars based on real business cases, without having to face line managers’ main constraint: lack of time. This is added to the fact that we enjoy the very professional approach of the IQUAD team.”

Nada Genadry

Human Resources Manager

"Once again thanks for hosting me at your wonderful event. It was a great opportunity to visit amazing Beirut and meet such wonderful people.My team and I are keen to work with you in the future and see what other area for collaboration is possible."

Ahmed Abu Safia
DP World

Global Manager

"The Round-table events always exceed my expectations on e-learning insights.  I believe that technology will prevail wherever possible to facilitate our lives and it definitely has attained advanced levels in learning and development of people and employees.  The minor successful attempts I have experienced makes it even more interesting to keep up with e-learning and inevitable to attend your successful Round-table events."

Maya Houri

Human Resources Unit Head

“Madrasatie system covers every detail a school could use, in a very friendly, safe and effective way, in addition to the possibility of adjusting any detail to suit the school and teachers needs and requirements. it also meets the students and parents needs and allow their engagement.
As for the support and customer service, I quad (madrasatie) has a highly professional team. The service is fast, accurate and always on time. They professionally accept new requests and apply them in an unexpected time. The service is beyond satisfaction.”

Thuraya Shiha
Al Monsif National School - Jbeil

IT Manager and School Administrator