Bank Bemo Saudi Fransi

“IQUAD Learning Solution created initiatives to empower and improve BBSF employee performance within structured guidelines coherent with BBSF strategy. Throughout the years and our continuous partnership with IQUAD, we built new learning experiences for our employees using an attractive and interesting methodology to provide them valuable knowledge and tools. This year specifically, IQUAD supported BBSF in creating and launching our new recognition program aimed to increase engagement through the E-learning system where BBSF employees were able to share their innovative ideas and projects through this unique platform providing a new communication stream between the management and BBSF team.”
Wishing a continued partnership and success with IQUAD Learning Solutions.

Mrs. Salma El Samman
Head of HR & Development Department
Human Resources



Middle East Airlines – Airliban

“When “Customer Excellence” meets “Product Competence” you have the raw ingredients for a decent VAR, and when you add to that a careful mix of eastern and western values, you have the recipe for an enduring venture. I congratulate the entire IQUAD team for creating and sustaining such an enterprise.”

Dr. Nazareth Nicolian
Head of Training & Development
Training & Development Division



Association of Banks in Lebanon

“For the past 4 years ABL and IQUAD developed a great partnership by advocating and implementing the E Learning solutions for the Banking industry in Lebanon.Setting up ABL E- Learning platform, ABILITY, was challenging and exciting. The IQUAD team was instrumental in developing e learning courses specific to Banks as well as mock tests for certifications required by the central Bank namely BDL 103.We were extremely impressed by the team responsiveness and phenomenal customer service. To the IQUAD team; we just want to let you know that it has been great working with you. Thank you for your support and friendship!”

Mr. Bechara Khachan
Human Resources Development



Burgan Bank

“We have been working with IQUAD learning Solutions since February 2019, for more than a year now and we are experiencing their cutting-edge service big time. They promised us at the start that we are not buying only a platform but more importantly a first-class service and close follow up and support. After more than a year now and especially during this pandemic period, they have been our close partners answering fully our needs and even surprising us with services not accounted for. They work as one team with synergy, and they partner with us their client as one complete extended team focused on one cause, the best experience for our end users. Thank you IQUAD.”

Mrs. Ghada El Kadi
Senior Manager- Learning & Development
Human Resources & Development | Group Human Resources & Development



Bank of Beirut

“I have had the privilege of working with IQUAD/ CrossKnowledge for many years in my previous position and in the current one, through the e-platform and have only positive experiences to share. IQUAD go beyond the work the team provide reaching beyond just business, to take a personal interest in my achieving the personal goals and successes I have been working to accomplish. IQUAD team is dedicated to support and help their clients whenever and wherever needed. They also have positive vibes that cannot be hidden. I am proud to know IQUAD team and to work with them.”

Mrs. Tania Estephan Mansour
Head of the Academy
Human Resources Department



Office of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform (OMSAR)

“The OMSAR’s e-learning project is one of its kind. It is for the first time that such a large-scale training program that targets all employees in the Lebanese public sector is launched in line with the OMSAR’s strategies to keep the staff abreast of the latest managerial techniques and to prepare the ground for digital transformation. IQUAD, the implementing agency that was selected in compliance with the Arab Fund procurement procedure, has provided a library of e-courses in the fields of management, life skills, ICT and MS Office. An e-learning portal was set up through which employees of the Lebanese administration could access the required courses. Some courses that have been especially customized to meet the peculiar requirements of the Lebanese administration were also made available. The portal has been successfully operated and the technical support requested by the contracting authority (OMSAR) and trainees has been provided with professionalism. The project titled “BOOST YOURSELF” was nominated for the World Summit Award in 2017, an awards system that seeks to select and promote local digital innovation to improve society. The success of phase 1 (2016-2019) paved the way for rolling out phase 2 (2019-2021). However, the political challenges that Lebanon had to face as of the last quarter of 2019, and later on the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic necessitated several adjustments to the initial plan of the training project. An awareness campaign was staged via the portal and some alternative measures had to be taken. IQUAD Team was flexible enough to come up with contingency plans and to apply the required steps and. The e-learning portal has proven to be an active channel through which employees grow their potentials and become more familiar with what information technology has to offer to upgrade their skills.”

Mr. Samer Hankir
Senior Training Officer